The lake "en rose"

If you are planning to pay a visit to Mantua in the summertime, you can't miss the opportunity of seeing the blossoming of the lotus flowers on the lakes surrounding the city. Trust us: this is a really not to be missed sight!!! Although the lotus is not a native plant (it has been introduced in Mantua less than a century ago, in 1921), these flowers have now become a distinctive landmark of the city. In July and August a huge area of the lakes is completely covered with these Asiatic flowers. Their pink petals stand over the water and create a delicious fragrance in the air.
You can see the flowers from the lake shores, but the best way to enjoy this unforgettable experience is to sail among them on a boat. We can help you in planning and booking this boat-excursion. So do not hesitate to contact us: we are always pleased to offer you our professional tourist services at all times.
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