Music at the Ducal Palace, to save the Ducal Palace.

This weekend – 29th and 30th September, we celebrate the "European Heritage Days".

On this occasion the Mantua Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Carlo Fabiano, is going to offer some concerts to the Ducal Palace, affected by the recent earthquakes. The Orchestra is going to perform music by Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Debussy and Verdi, in some of the most enchanting rooms of the Palace.

The admission for the Palace, and for the concerts as well, will be free of charge.

Although the concerts are free, we’d love to emphasize the difference between "offered by the artists" and "no paid" ... these events are organized to help the restorations, so: Be generous!

The "Society for the Ducal Palace in Mantua" will collect via web (also using PayPal) any donation in favor of the restoration needed to reopen the Castle of San Giorgio, the Bridal Chamber by Mantegna and the New Court. Thanks for any help that you give the support of the restoration of the Ducal Palace in Mantua.

Earthquake: partial reopening of the Ducal Palace

A third of the Ducal Palace – the part who has been affected by minor damages during the earthquake – is now reopened.

The visitor’s route includes:

The Duchesses' Staircase; Domenico Morone's "Battle between the Gonzagas and the Bonacolsis"; The medieval Captain’s Palace; Pisanello's Arthurian frescoes; The New Gallery; The Room of the Archers (with Rubens' "The Gonzaga family adoring the Holy Trinity"); Gallery of the Mirrors (ballroom); Vincenzo Gonzaga's apartment;  the Hall of the Rivers facing Hanging Garden; Tapestries by Raphael; Neoclassical Apartment “Of the Empress”; the private Rooms of Isabella d’Este.

The most valuable part of the Palace is still closed , awaiting for restoration (and funds).

The closed areas are:

The Castle of St. George; the Bridal Chamber ("Camera Picta" aka "Camera degli Sposi") frescoed by Mantegna; The Room of Manto; The New Court; The Room of the Horses; the Room of the Heads; the Room of Troy by Giulio Romano; The Gallery of the Marbles, The Gallery of the Exhibition facing the Cortile della Cavallerizza (Horses Courtyard), the Apartment of the Metamorphosis facing the Botanic Garden.

The Zodiac Room and the Chamber of the Popes (in the Old Court) are occupied by scaffolds: you can pass through them, but you won’t be able to see the frescoes.


The restoration is going to take a long time – maybe years. And mostly, the Ducal Palace needs and deserves help in the fundraising.

If you wish to give this help, please feel free to donate.
All donations will be collected by the “Società per il Palazzo Ducale” as a contribution for the restoration and the recovery of the artistic heritage damaged by the earthquakes.
You can donate – also using PayPal – through the website of the Society.

The Society will assure the correct use of the funds, which will be spent under the control of the Direction of the Ducal Palace.

Thank you for every kind of your help you will provide with, saving the Ducal Palace of Mantua.

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