Goodbye Clifford.

Clifford Malcolm Brown, the great canadian scholar, died on 14th January 2012. He spent his live researching about Isabella d'Este, Mantua and the Gonzaga family.  
* * *

Goodbye Clifford, 
your books have been a precious guide for our studies and researches.
We are keeping in our heart the memories of those two days we spent together in Mantua, with that dinner, during which we talked for hours and hours about our Isabella. Thanks for your friendship, and for the encouragement you gave to our studies. Your researches are a precious inheritance for all the scholars studying about Isabella d'Este. We'll remember you as a precise scholar with a generous spirit.
We are sure that you are now in a place, where you can meet our Isabella, asking her to dissolve those very few little doubts and mysteries, whom your studies had not solved yet. 
Please, forward our greetings to her.
And please, tell her we are friends.

A selected list of studies by Clifford M. Brown:

Per dare qualche splendore a la gloriosa città di Mantua. Documents for the Antiquarian Collection of Isabella d'Este

Isabella d'Este in the Ducal Palace in Mantua: An Overview of Her Rooms in the Castello di San Giorgio and the Corte Vecchia

Tapestries for the Courts of Federico II, Ercole and Ferrante Gonzaga, 1522-63

Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals. Studies in the History of Art


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