VisitMantua at TTG - TBDI 2014. Leading a team of Cultural Travel Bloggers, wandering in the wonders of Italy.

VisitMantua has been chosen by TTG Italia (Travel Trade Gazette - Italy) as one of the members of the committee of TBDI: "Travel Blogger Destination Italy".  
TTG has designed TBDI as a tailor made event dedicated to digital travel and the blogosphere: from 9th to 11th October 2014, a huge number of national and international professional travel bloggers will get the occasion to meet important tour operators, incoming agencies, cruises companies, suppliers et cetera attending to the fair TTG-Incontri in Rimini.   
Being aware that travel blogs are becoming more and more important in the tourism industry, TBDI is going to create direct contacts between the attending travel bloggers and the many destinations and sellers, providing them with a tool for marketing and communication to increase and influence online conversations and raise awareness of tourist operators and destinations.
This second edition of TBDI will connect the operators of the tourism industry with hundreds of bloggers, blogging travel, food, culture and fashion.

VisitMantua (i.e. Lorenzo Bonoldi) will be the leader of the "Culture Cluster": a group of about 30 carefully selected international bloggers, who wander the world looking for art, culture and beauty.

Where and When?

TBD-Italy will take place in Rimini from 9 to 11 October 2014 in TTG Incontri/TTI , the leading B2B travel trade exhibition in Italy, for marketplace, for trading and networking between its international and national and intermediaries of the tourism product . The event counts 50 thousand appearances in three days: all professionals with over 130 international destinations and represented 70 thousand square meters of exhibition space.
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