Let me introduce myself

“I am an Art Historian dedicated to
Leisure, Travel and Professional Tourism”

I was born in Mantua in 1978. After attending a secondary school focusing on humanitarian studies (where I learned Latin and Ancient Greek) I moved to Venice where I studied in Ca’Foscari University, and graduated in the History of Art with top marks and honours. The topic of my thesis was Isabella d’Este, Marchioness of Mantua.

During my University years I joined the “Classical Tradition Seminar”, and with my colleagues and professors I founded the on-line magazine “ Engramma”. With the same group of scholars I also published the book “L’Originale Assente”.

After the University, I came back to Mantua, where I won a study-award (2.000 euro) and a scholarship (8.000 euro), allowing me extend my research.

Since 2006 I have an Italian State license as a Professional Guide.

In 2008 I acted as Scientific Curator for the exhibition “ Classico Manifesto” (Milan, Triennale), dealing with the relationships between Art and Advertising.

In 2009 I was engaged by Skira Publisher and “Il Corriere della Sera” (one of the most well regarded and popular Italian newspapers) to write guide books of Italian cities (Mantua, Siracusa, Catania and Bari) as well as a book on Giulio Romano. I also write for one of the most renowned and best-known Italian Art Magazines: “Art e Dossier”.

In 2010 I was commissioned by the local Council to train Urban Stewards of Mantua (assistants for tourists).

At the moment I am commissioned by the Council of Mantua to do a survey on the decoration of Palazzo Te.

During my educational background, I attended summer English courses in Dublin, Durham, Norwich, Plymouth and Chester. After my degree I started to have private language lessons. Thanks to the meetings with my tutor (a British opera-singer), I have improved my knowledge of artistic terms in English.

In my career I have guided many tourist groups – including very specialized ones, like those organized by the International Seminar Design INC. I’ve also shown celebrities - including MPs, writers (Michel Faber and Alexander McCall Smith) and music stars (Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes) around Mantua.

So, if you are planning to pay a visit to Mantua, I am your perfect point of reference. You can count on me to make your guided tour a day to be remembered.

Lorenzo Bonoldi

VisitMantua Administrator
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