On May 20th and May 29th 2012 two strong earthquakes shook Mantua. The Ducal Palace had some severe damage: many cracks in walls, ceilings and floors. Frescoes, stuccoes, painted plasters and some sculptures have been affected.
The Palace – which is the home of great masterpieces such as frescoes by Mantegna, Pisanello, Giulio Romano, paintings by Rubens and tapestries by Raphael – is now almost completely closed, waiting for restoration.
The Ducal Palace needs and deserves help.
If you wish to give this help, please feel free to donate.
VisitMantua will not earn any money involved in this fundraising, we simply want to represent a further vehicle to encourage people to donate. All donations will be collected by the “Società per il Palazzo Ducale” as a contribution for the restoration and the recovery of the artistic heritage damaged by the earthquakes.
The Society will assure the correct use of the funds, which will be spent under the control of the Direction of the Ducal Palace.
The names of all the Donors will be included in the “Gold Book” of the Society.
Thank you for your help in saving the Ducal Palace of Mantua.


A third of the Ducal Palace is now reopened: discover more reading this post.
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