Festivaletteratura: the main cultural festival in Mantua

Festivaletteratura is a literary fair, held in Mantua, Italy, since 1997. It is the main cultural festival of the city: five days of small-sized lectures by authors from all over the world. The lectures - about two hundred events - are usually hosted in historical venues like palaces, cloisters and squares. The event is run mostly by volunteers, numbering around 700 in total.
The low-profile style has in time attracted many big names of literature, along with Nobel Prize winners.
One of the most important guest of this edition will be Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum. He is going to give a speech on Sept 8th, at the Bibiena Theatre (event n.139).
The attendance to the events roughly matches the population of the city, so it would be better to book tickets and accommodation in advance.
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