The Duke of Mantua appreciated big melons. As today tourists do!

Francesco III Gonzaga appreciated big melons.

Amongst the many vegetables and fruits, who are grown with love in the land of Mantua, the melons (Cucumis melo) are surely the most famous. The flat territory of the province of Mantua perfectly matches the needs of melon plants.
At the time of the Gonzagas, the melons were quite often on the table of the Dukes of Mantua.
On 3rd August 1548, for example, four big, beautiful, juicy melons were sent as presents from the people of the village of Viadana to the Palace of Mantua.
The four pulpy gifts were presented the young Duke, Francesco III Gonzaga, his mother the dowager duchess Margherita Paleologo, and the Cardinal Ercole Gonzaga.
The Duke of Mantua, Francesco III, and his family were great appreciators of the Mantuan melons. And still today melons are often on the tables of Mantuan people, mostly in the summertime.
Want to try them? Visit Mantua and enjoy the fruits of our land!
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